There are always going to be times when rooms that we have, either in our homes, apartments, dorms, or wherever you live, are going to be much smaller than what you imagined. Sometimes you cannot afford a bigger space, so you have to work with what you have. Here are some tips on how to fix “small” problems:

1. Low ceilings.  How to fix this problem?

  • A white ceiling is standard and a good choice when a room is wrapped in bold colors. It has a tendency to change the space to make is seem grander
  • Don’t leave the ceiling a plain white color. Most ceilings are painted with a flat white color. To add a little extra height increasing features, choose a warmer color white, like eggshell. This also helps add more character to the room.

2. Dark rooms. Bring in more lighting? To make any room appear larger, it is key to brighten it. The appearance of natural light gives a comfortable feel to a space. How to fix this

  • Add windows! If you can do this, do it. It will greatly change the feel of your space. Windows are an invitation of sunlight into a room. The room feels softer and bigger as well
  • If you cannot change the number of windows you have, change the window treatment. Windows don't need to be covered with rod to floor curtains. Try removing all window treatments. This will open up your room drastically, bringing in an abundance of natural light. 

3. Low square footage. What to do about it?

  • Consider adding a large area rug. If the small space is a living room this will work great. It will make the eye think the space is actually much bigger than it really is.
  • Less bulky furniture. The main problem people have with small spaces is trying to put in even bigger furniture. This will greatly decrease the size of your room. Try to go for lighter, smaller furniture. Try to use furniture that does the same job but can also be used in other ways. For example, Instead of having a coffee table in your already small living room, try using an ottoman that opens up into a small table. This increases the furniture’s use and minimizes the amount of space it takes up. 

These are a few tips for people that have the challenge of small spaces. They can be more fun to work with than you would have thought!